Women's Issues Committee

2.   A Women’s Concerns Committee and a Minority Concerns Committee of sixteen (16) members each shall be appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors for terms of three (3) years, such terms to be arranged in such manner that not more than six (6) terms on each committee shall expire each year.
2014-15 Charge:
  • To help ensure that the education of our students and the working environments of our members are of the highest quality.
  • To help develop local capacity by the identification and development of strategies and policies that build on our diversity.
Committee Charge:  To address policies, programs, practices and issues that relate to and impact the representation, participation and support of females in the association and public education systems.
The committee will:
  • Assist in planning the association’s celebration and promotion of Women’s History Month.
  • Identify, review and recommend content for the web page on providing instructional activities/resources for use in celebrating Women’s History Month.
  • Monitor the implementation of the affirmative action guidelines with attention to females into staff positions and alert the MEA Board of Directors of necessary future actions.
  • Assist the planning and delivery of a program to support the development of the personal attributes, academic and social skills, talents and abilities of adolescent girls.
  • Recruit nominees and select recipients for the MEA Excellence and Maurine Wyatt Awards, and submit a recommendation for the David McMahon Award.
  • Delegate a representative to assist in the planning of the Human Rights/Excellence Award Banquet; and a representative for the Social Justice Institute.
  • Monitor the representation of women in MEA staff positions, state and national leadership development. Actively report related issues of concern to the Board with recommendations for Affirmative Action.
  • Monitor state and national legislation addressing women’s issues.
Start Date    
2008 Marcia Mackey (2016-BdM-Reg 12 C)  
2008 Michelle Munoz (2016-BD-Reg 9 C) Co-Chair
2012 Monica Collins (2017-BD-Reg 7 B)  
2014 Anne Bowman (2016 BD-Reg 5 NA)  
2013 Deborah McMillan (2017-BdM-Reg 8 B)  
2008 Sandra Cawood (2017-BD Reg 10 C) Co-Chair
2014 Irma Menchaca (2016-BD-Reg 9 NA)  
2009 A. Isabell Nazar (2015-BdM-Reg 4 H)  
2013 Ethel Johnson (2015-BdM-Reg 10 B)  
2014 Eursla Moore-Doyle (2016 BdM Reg 5 B)  
2011 Karen Abella (2017-BD-Reg 6 H)  
2014 Betty Ong (2015-BdM-Reg 7 A)  
2012 Amy Guzman (2016-BD-Reg 12 H)  
2010 Pat Sexton (2017-BD-Reg 5 C)  
2011 Diana Markley (2015-BD-Reg 2 C)  
2010 Roberta (Robin) Perry (2017-BD-Reg 3 C)  
2014 Rose Cross (2016-MEA-Retired)  
2010 Sally Pierce (2017-MAHE)  
2014 Bridgette Buse (2015-SMEA)  
Staff Liaison  Christina Canfield  
A=Asian        B=Black       C=Caucasian        H=Hispanic        NA=Native American