You can't afford not to vote on Nov. 6

Public records show that more than 46,000 MEA members didn't vote in 2010.

And what happened?

  • Public education took a $1 billion hit in funding so that Republicans could give CEOs a $1.8 billion tax break.
  • Your collective bargaining rights were diminished when Republicans took away your ability to negotiate over health care costs, evaluations, layoff and recall.
  • You're paying more for your health care, but earning less in wages, thanks to Republicans in Lansing.
  • Republicans broke the promise of a secure retirement, so now you have more out-of-pocket retirement costs, but get fewer benefits in return.
  • There will be more unproven charter and cyber schools because Republicans have no use for public education.

See how critical your vote is on Nov. 6?

Without your vote, Republicans will think they have your "permission" to keep attacking public education, school employees, and their union--just as they did in 2010.

Use your vote to turn Lansing upside down on Nov. 6, 2012.

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