Educator Code of Ethics Approved

An updated Michigan Code of Educational Ethics has been approved by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to guide local policy and decision-making beginning this school year. Adapted from a model code developed by a national panel of practicing teachers and administrators, Michigan’s document covers a range of expectations such as integrity in instruction, maintaining…

Educator-Turned-Lawmaker Says You Can Too

Serving as a state representative isn’t much different from being an elementary school teacher, according to educator-turned-lawmaker Lori Stone (D-Warren), who told her story to attendees at MEA’s Summer Conference last week. The 14-year classroom veteran and MEA member said every legislative session starts with the pledge of allegiance. Seats are assigned. “And I still…

MEA President blasts “pensions for potholes” scheme during conference speech

EAST LANSING – MEA President Paula Herbart blasted the so-called “pensions for potholes” scheme today, and urged public school employees across the state to raise their voices to oppose the risky shell game.

By many accounts, including by some conservative economists like Patrick Anderson, the reckless road funding scheme is irresponsible. Raiding pension funds for road fixes could undermine the retirement of hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents, drive the state deeper into debt, and saddle taxpayers with massive future costs.