MEA President blasts “pensions for potholes” scheme during conference speech

EAST LANSING – MEA President Paula Herbart blasted the so-called “pensions for potholes” scheme today, and urged public school employees across the state to raise their voices to oppose the risky shell game.

By many accounts, including by some conservative economists like Patrick Anderson, the reckless road funding scheme is irresponsible. Raiding pension funds for road fixes could undermine the retirement of hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents, drive the state deeper into debt, and saddle taxpayers with massive future costs.

Together We Can Seize this Moment

Editor’s Note: Much has been written about educator demoralization in Michigan and across the country. Politicians have simultaneously cut education funding while increasing demands on schools and educators. The resulting effects have led to growing staffing difficulties, from K-12 teachers, to bus drivers, paraeducators, and higher education faculty. Declining pay and benefits. Large class sizes.…

Are You Ready to Rally?

Now that we’ve seen all three state budget plans, it’s time to rally support for the one that provides students and educators the supports they need—Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s proposal to make a historic reinvestment in public education.

RSVP Today for June #RedForEd Rallies

An RSVP form is now available for the June #RedForEd rallies.  As MEA President Paula Herbart announced last month, MEA and AFT Michigan are working together to hold these events so lawmakers can hear the voices of public education supporters from across Michigan to support increasing funding for our students and schools. On Tuesday, June 18,…