The Revised School Code, effective July 1, 1996, contains a substantially revised section pertaining to certification nullification, the process by which a certified teacher may nullify his or her certificate or nullify one or more endorsements or a grade level certification included in the teaching certificate.

The language is Section 1532(5) states upon the request of a teacher the State Board immediately shall nullify that teacher’s teaching certificate. Upon the request of a teacher, the State Board may nullify one or more endorsements on the teaching certificate, or a grade level certification included in the teaching certificate if the grade level certification has not been used for 12 or more years.

A teacher who wishes to nullify one or more endorsements of a certificate merely writes a letter of request to the Michigan Department of Education’s Professional Preparation Services. The teacher subsequently is sent a form letter confirming that the request has been received and describing what the newly issued certificate would include. The teacher is asked to sign and date that form and return it to the Department. When the form is received, the Department issues a new certificate, at no cost. The applicant’s school district is notified of the nullification request.

Although individuals may nullify endorsements or grade level certifications, the resulting certificate must be one that the Department would issue. For example, an individual may not obtain a certificate that eliminates third grade. Also, once such changes are made, they are permanent. The Department is not authorized to “reinstate, reissue, or renew” a certificate, endorsement, or grade level certification once it has been nullified. Before applying for nullification, applicants are urged to consider all ramifications to their current employment.

The entire process can be completed in one month or less.