Snyder Signs MPSERS Bill, Budget

In the last week, Gov. Snyder has signed legislation setting the education budget for next year and enacting retirement changes for new school employees. The retirement legislation, SB 401, passed in June despite bipartisan opposition. An analysis of the bill shows the variety of impacts it will have on new school employee retirement, including maintaining a…


Joint MEA, AFT Michigan on details of MPSERS changes

June 13, 2017 —The details are the most critical thing when it comes to something as complicated as pensions – until we get to see and analyze bill language, it’s impossible to know for sure how much this plan will cost and whether it’s good public policy or not.

However, based on what’s been publicly reported, this seems to be little more than a shell game that goes about closing the hybrid pension plan in another way – something that is certain to cost Michigan taxpayers billions in transition costs, just as the original versions of SB 401 and HB 4647 would have.